What are the STIPS|Oculus signals based on?

A higher number of successful signals on our platform became possible after development and implementation of certain algorithms that serve as a basis for 5 main tools in crypto trading. These tools are Blockchain Screener, Community Analysis, GitHub Analysis, FOMO Index and Technical Analysis.

Only upon receiving data from these 5 tools, STIPS|Oculus Platform generates a signal.

Signals, generated by our platform, are not available for an ordinary trader, since they require a high processing power and big volumes of historical data. That’s why our platform is unique, able to simplify crypto trading, by making it more profitable and successful.

Even if you are new in the industry and haven’t closed any trading deal yet, STIPS|Oculus platform is essential for you, because you can follow trading signals and subscribe to notifications, as well as track interesting cryptocurrencies by getting information on how their price might change in the future.

Well-reasoned trading signals are given in a concise and clear manner


What instruments do you use to generate a signal?

Blockchain Screener

This is one of the main instruments, designed to analyse the Bitcoin price, and the unique development of STIPS|Oculus team, having no equivalents in the world.

It allows to identify the wallets and transactions which influence the market. When there is a transaction of over 1 BTC, the platform instantly considers all transactions in this wallet and estimates how the bitcoin price has been changing over the last time. Then we process all big transactions over the last 12 hours, and you get an alert of price changing in a simple and clear way.

This tool is an integral part of STIPS|Oculus algorithms and alerts generation, helping to avoid price speculations by the «whales».

Detailed instruction

Blockchain screener predicts the change in the exchange rate of cryptocurrencies when making a transaction

Github analysis

One of the most important indicators to assess the performance of decentralised crypto projects. Github code commitments by developers can give you an idea of the activity and overall health of a project. In other words, whether the founders are still committed to their crypto project or they are not interested anymore. Our platform finds the projects with high correlation between the development activity and cryptocurrency price, and sends you a relevant notification ahead of the market. You would probably agree that this information could be useful given the potential price fluctuations. If the developers are working on a project, it is very likely that a token price will be growing. GitHub Analysis provides information on 1142 cryptocurrencies.

This tool is an integral part of STIPS|Oculus algorithms and alerts generation, by identifying a correlation between the coin price and development activity.

Detailed instruction

Finds projects with a high dependency between development activity and the cryptocurrency price and informs you about it ahead of the market

Community analysis

It is no longer a secret that the price of a cryptocurrency is highly influenced by social media mentions and their emotional connotation. For this purpose, every day, our tool “Community Analysis” is collecting crypto-related messages from BitcoinTalk, Reddit and other social networks and defines which cryptocurrencies are getting more attention from traders and investors. Community Analysis provides information on 325 cryptocurrencies.

This tool is an integral part of STIPS|Oculus algorithms and alerts generation, by defining a price change depending on a number of mentions and their emotional connotation.

Detailed instruction

FOMO Index

The crypto market players are very emotional. People get greedy when the market goes up, which creates FOMO (fear-of-missing-out). Besides that, people tend to sell their coins, irrationally responding to the red color of cryptocurrency price.

This tool is an integral part of STIPS|Oculus algorithms and alerts generation, by tracking a current FOMO level and using it as a counter-signal.

Helps to overcome the FOMO syndrome and get rid of the negative reaction to the red numbers of courses

Technical analysis

With a high precision level, it allows our platform to assess the current situation of the price and of the important technical market indicators. Taking into consideration a number of fundamental factors, the platform generates a signal whether to sell or to buy a coin, and not to end up in «a price bubble».

This tool is an integral part of STIPS|Oculus algorithms and alerts generation, by defining the direction of a trend and evaluating the best moment to get in or out from a trade.

Allows you to determine the conditions for a minimally risky purchase, which the platform will notify you about

How to read trading signals?

The cryptocurrency card displays several parameters:

  • a time when a signal was opened
  • a coin price at the time when a signal was opened
  • a current coin price in real time

Types of signals:

  • Buy
  • Sell

Statuses of signals:

  • Closed successfully (if a signal led to a profit but didn’t reach a target price, it gets a status “Successfully closed without achieving the target price”. This situation is possible when an ongoing trend suddenly changes direction).
  • Closed
  • Updated
  • New signals will be generated as soon as STIPS|Oculus algorithms identify the most successful signals. Not to miss them, we recommend to subscribe to notifications. You can do it by clicking «The Bell» button, located on every card, and by reading the instructions on how to enable the signal notifications in your Personal Account Profile Settings.

Please, find below the statuses of notifications that you will be getting by e-mail or in Telegram:

  • Signal to buy
  • Signal to sell
  • Closed successfully after reaching a target price
  • Closed successfully without reaching a target price. Potential trend change. (This status is assigned to a signal if it started moving towards a target price, but platform algorithms identified a potential trend change)
  • Closed
  • Updated. The target price was increased. (This status is assigned to a signal if it reached a target price but the platform algorithms identified that the trend will continue).

If there is no indicator on a scale, it means that a signal is not working or the price dropped compared to how much it was when the signal was opened.

All generated signals are saved in Signal Log. You can check it by clicking on the arrow, located next to the logo of a cryptocurrency.

We recommend to use STIPS|Oculus platform to build your trading strategy and make trading decisions. All signals history is automatically saved on the history page and cannot be edited. The full responsibility for trading deals rests only with you.

I am under 18 years old. Can I trade cryptocurrency, using your platform?

It is allowed to trade on the crypto market only at the age of 18 and above. But you can use our platform for analysis at any age.