How does the Dashboard works?

Our team is constantly developing and improving tools for fundamental analysis of the cryptocurrency market. Using classic assets analysis models, such as the discounted cash flow method, comparative analysis by multipliers, and the method of estimating the value of net assets-all this is impossible in the cryptocurrency market due to its specificity. That's why we have developed our own tools that aggregate information on dozens of cryptocurrencies, make it available to the user (in the form of event cards), and show how a particular event can affect the price of an asset.

Well-reasoned trading recommendations are given in a concise and clear manner


What tools do you use in the Dashboard?

Blockchain Screener

Allows you to evaluate the impact of any BTC wallet or transaction on the crypto market. This is one of the key tools in the fundamental analysis of the main cryptocurrency. It is used in forecasting market dynamics along with other tools. When there is a transfer of more than 500 BTC, the platform instantly takes into account all transactions on this wallet and calculates how the average price of bitcoin changed. Then all major transactions for the last 6 hours are processed and you get a simple price forecast.

You can also independently check any wallet for its impact on the market by specifying it in a specific tool. To do this, select The blockchain screener in the “Tools” section of the top menu.

Blockchain screener predicts the change in the exchange rate of cryptocurrencies when making a transaction
500 BTC

Github analysis

One of the most important indicators of the performance of a decentralized cryptocurrency project. Analyzes the total number and frequency of changes made to the project's open-source codebase by its developers. The platform finds projects with a high dependency between the development activity and the token price and informs you about it ahead of the market. If the project is being actively developed, the platform shows how this can affect the price. In the control panel, this is reflected as a separate event in the form of a percentage change in the number of updates and is taken into account in the currency recommendations.

Finds projects with a high dependency between development activity and the token price and informs you about it ahead of the market

Community analysis

It allows you to quickly determine which tokens receive more attention from the crypto community, to document an increase in interest level and to determine the mood of the market players to the crypto projects. This information is automatically processed by the platform and significantly impacts the generation of trading recommendations.

    The level of influence is defined by:
  • increasing or decreasing amount of mentions about the token in social networks;
  • emotional color of the messages - negative, positive, or neutral.

Index of Fear and Greed level

The Behavior of the crypto market players is very emotional. People become greedy when the market is growing which leads to the so-called FOMO «Fear Of Missing Out», a syndrome of missed profit.

Moreover, people often sell their tokens followed by an irrational reaction to receding currency rates. We have developed an index that documents a current level of fear and greed which will help to make measured decisions in time.

Helps to overcome the FOMO syndrome and get rid of the negative reaction to the red numbers of courses

Technical analysis

Technical analysis allows our platform to define the current price conditions as well as the most important technical market indicators with very high precision.

Taking into consideration several fundamental factors, we can evaluate the market situation and suggest when it is the right time to buy crypto in order not to end up in «a market bubble» or a long trend of market recession.

Such recommendations are displayed on the control panel. For example, if the price has determined all technical conditions for the least risky trading, we will inform you about it in time.

Allows you to determine the conditions for a minimally risky purchase, which the platform will notify you about

How do you determine the impact of an event on the price?

    There are several ways:
  • The historical correlation of the asset price and similar events in the past.
  • Computer modeling of price behavior in accordance with technical indicators.
  • The combination of events on all instruments and their correlation with the asset price with the help of machine learning algorithms.

How much can I trust your recommendations?

We recommend using the Control Panel as an additional tool for building your trading strategy and making market decisions. The entire recommendation history is automatically saved on the history page and is not subject to changes. All responsibility for trading operations and transactions lies solely with you.

You are solely responsible for trading operations and transactions

I am under 18 years old, can I trade cryptocurrency using your platform?

You can only trade cryptocurrency on exchanges from the age of 18. You can use the platform for analysis from any age.