Blockchain Screener Instructionto Thank the STIPS|Oculus team

Dear User, here you will find detailed instructions of how to work with our updated Blockchain Screener - a key instrument of BTC price fundamental analysis.

Let’s first go over what our Blockchain Screener does?

BTC Screener offers you the ability to see how a BTC wallet or a BTC transaction can influence the crypto market as well as to have data about potential price changes.

We have thoroughly selected the best and the most important BTC wallets and placed them in relative cards.

  • Highest Trading Activity Wallets
  • Legendary Wallets
  • TOP-10 wallets with the biggest transactions over a week
  • Wallets that influence BTC price by -3% or +3%
  • TOP-10 wallets with the largest balances.

What information can be found on the cards?

  1. Every card contains information about the signals that have significant influence on the market. The number of all transactions, price fluctuations and probability of a price fluctuation.
  2. To see the times and dates of transactions, you will need to click on the name of the wallet. You’ll then get a pop-up with the additional information.
  3. You can filter the number of transactions, probability and forecasts in descending or ascending order. To do that, you need to click on one of the above listed variables.
  4. For your convenience, you can open the wallet information window in a new tab. To do that, you need to click on the icon on the left side of the wallet name. There you can see the current balance of the wallet, the number of incoming and outgoing transactions, as well as the day, time and volume of transactions. For your convenience, you can copy the wallet address to get the additional information and further analysis.

Let’s see the benefits of our Blockchain Screener, taking the “Legendary Wallets” card as an example. This card contains the list of bitcoin wallets which are followed by the whole crypto community. They are so interesting because they have been created at the time of the first bitcoins and every transaction from these wallets has a significant influence on bitcoin price.

To copy the wallet address in the clipboard

To display information in a new folder for a better examination of the information on a wallet.

By opening the card, you can see the wallets.

By selecting the wallet, you can see all transactions with its involvement.

In this example, you can see why this BTC wallet is considered to be legendary.



In transactions
Out transactions

Because only 12 translations with its involvement caused the BTC price increase by a +2.59% on average. It is 100% likely that the next time this wallet’s activity will cause a similar price change.

It is even more interesting to see the situation with outgoing transactions: 12 transactions caused a price increase by +4.31% on average.

Would you agree that tracking this wallet could give you very beneficial insider information for trading?

Our Blockchain Screener has flexible and customizable settings for wallets analysis. You can check your own wallet and its transactions history, and how your wallet transactions influenced the bitcoin price.

You can search for wallets based on given transaction parameters: transaction’s amount, incoming or outgoing, period (to filter transactions for the last 24 hours, the last week or month).

If you know the wallet address and would like to get information on this wallet, you need to go to the «address» field and type the wallet address in a search box.

In this window, the same filters for data search will be available to you. You can open a wallet window in a new tab, change the number of projections, change a current balance, probability and projections themselves in descending or ascending order.