«GitHub Analysis» instructionto Thank the STIPS|Oculus team

Github code commitments by developers can give you an idea of the activity and overall health of a project. In other words, whether the founders are still committed to their crypto project or they are not interested anymore.

You would probably agree that this information could be useful given the potential price fluctuations. If the developers are working on a project, it is very likely that a token price will be growing. This instrument works very well for long-term investments.

What are the benefits of our Github Analysis?

You can get information on 1159 cryptocurrencies. To do that, you need to type a cryptocurrency symbol (or a ticker) in the field «Select An Asset».

Then specify a period under review. To do that, you need to select one of the below listed variables in a search box «Select A Period».

  • 1D - for the last day;
  • 1W - for the last 7 days (a week);
  • 1M - for the last 30 days (a month).

You can subscribe to notifications on any cryptocurrency and customize the number of code commitments over a period of time. Then you will start getting information that will help you to promptly respond to the price fluctuations.

Table of the Results example

AssetsCommits 1WChanges 1W, %ForksStargazeAdd to alerts

Timeframe Abbreviations

  • 1D - for the last day;
  • 1W - for the last 7 days (a week);
  • 1M - for the last 30 days (a month).

Results Filtering.

Click on the link in the table title

  • Assets
  • Commits 1W
  • Changes 1W, %
  • Forks
  • Stargaze

will sort out the data in the column.

Double click will sort out the data in reverse.

What kind of data does this tool analyse?


Cryptocurrency symbol generally accepted by the exchanges.

Commits 1W

The number of code commitments over a selected period of time.

Code commitment is an update to the projects software repository.

Changes 1W, %

Percentage change of the number of code commitments for the same amount of days preceding a selected period of time.


It is a deviation from the original project. It happens when one project’s code is used as a basis for a new project or as an experimental deviation to test an idea.


Stars are the labels assigned by other users for different reasons: they like a project (like) or they want to save it as a favorite not to lose sight of the project.

Add to alerts

- to enable notifications for cryptocurrency.

- notification has been enabled. You can change settings of notifications in your personal account, or by clicking on the icon «to set new parameters».

To receive signal information quickly and efficiently, you need to enable notifications.

You can customise the parameters of your notifications, by selecting a cryptocurrency, a percentage of change in the number of code commitments and a tracking period.

In order to enable notifications on a given cryptocurrency, you need to click on the bell icon.

A corresponding cryptocurrency will be selected automatically.

You need to select a tracking period and a percentage of change to occur before you will be notified.

After clicking on the «Save» button, the platform will start tracking your cryptocurrency according to predetermined parameters and pushing notifications. You can change the parameters of notifications in your personal profile settings.

If you enable both channels of notifications delivery, email and Telegram, you will receive notification both by e-mail and Telegram. You can change a channel of notifications in your personal profile.


The chart will help you to understand whether the crypto community is paying attention to the project development progress and what happens to the market if the level of activity changes.

Lower bars in the chart show the number of code commitments for 1 day.


By default, a cryptocurrency with the biggest amount of code commitments over the last week (column «Commits 1D») is selected, when downloading the page.

Selected cryptocurrency is highlighted in the table and the platform generates a chart for that cryptocurrency.

The chart always displays the number of commitments for 1 day regardless of the period in the filter.

Select An Asset

For the convenience of your search, just start typing the name of any cryptocurrency in the search box, the drop-down list will be automatically filtered accordingly.

The platform generates data on 1159 cryptocurrencies. If you don’t see a cryptocurrency in the list, it means that there is no data on this cryptocurrency.

Select A Period

If you change a period under review, the results will be recalculated. A cryptocurrency, set in the filter, will be found among the results and the corresponding results page will be displayed.

The results will be sorted by a percentage of change in code commitments (column «Changes 1W, %») over the period specified in the filter. Результаты будут отсортированы по процентному изменению коммитов (столбец «Changes 1W, %») за указанный в фильтре период.

If the system doesn’t find the results on a selected cryptocurrency, the table won’t have a field with a selected cryptocurrency.

Let’s see how this tool works in a real example.

To do that, let’s type ETH in a search box and look at the chart, specifically at the number of code commitments (grey bars under the chart of cryptocurrency quoted prices).

One of the main reasons for ETH price growth last year was the development and launch of Ethereum 2.0.

As ETH developers mentioned, the new project features were supposed to be added to the code by the middle of October. After that, the team started working on security and interface improvement.


As you see in the example, the active development phase happened in the middle of October, after that ETH price went up. Ethereum 2.0. was launched on the 1th of December.

Raul Jordan, a developer of Prysmatic Labs, mentioned in his blog on Medium about a preparation for Ethereum 2.0. launch. Project developer submitted a list of tasks to be completed before a new network of the biggest altcoin will be released.