How to properly use the Platform?

STIPS|Oculus operation is based on self-learning AI algorithms where we don’t have to control manually every single recommendation. Our goal is to continuously improve the efficiency of our algorithms ensuring a better performance of the forecast of cryptocurrency exchange rates.

If you notice any contradictory forecasts in course of a day, such as: at the beginning of the day you get a recommendation to buy Bitcoin (+7%) and in 14 hours you get a recommendation to sell Bitcoin (-3%), it is not our mistake. Such a signal has been generated based on 5 fundamental tools and their average indicators. For that specific reason we are giving recommendations for altcoins (ETH, LTC and etc) for the period of 7 days (because in 85% of cases the target price is reached during this period of time). In order to protect yourself against the market volatility, you have to apply a risk-management approach. Risk-management general rules state not to make a deal for more than 3% of your trading deposit.

So, please, exercise trading discipline!

How often to follow recommendations of the Platform?

The Platform generates the alerts on the cryptocurrency exchange rates in online mode twice per day, at 6am and 3pm UTC. In total, there are more than 30 alerts per day coming to the system. How do I read platform signals? First of all, you have to remember a golden rule of risk-management which is not to make a deal on more than 3% of your trading deposit. It is also important to understand that you have to follow your own trading strategy where STIPS | Oculus Platform is playing one of the key roles, but not the only one, while forecasting the cryptocurrency exchange rates. For instance, if you see that three technical parameters in your trading system are indicating one direction of the deal, but STIPS|Oculus - another one, it is better to hold on and wait for a clearer signal.

Do you need a stop-loss?

Stop-loss is an important element in trading process. Every trader is using it in accordance with his own risk-management approach and trading style. We always suggest to use a stop-loss individually for every trading position. We also don’t recommend to enter the deal for more than 3% of your trading deposit.

So, please, exercise trading discipline!