Crypto Signals instructionto Thank the STIPS|Oculus team

Using integrated AI algorithms, the STIPS|Oculus Platfrom generates trading signals whose progress can be tracked. For this purpose, we provided an indicator that tracks the signal’s performance. This indicator is located under every signal’s card.

Filters and Sorting

In order to filter the signals or to sort the cryptocurrencies by name or ticker, you can use the relevant fields.

By default, the cryptocurrencies are sorted by capitalization in descending order.

Signal example

How to read the trading signals?

  • A signal that the cryptocurrency price will rise by +2.8%, was generated 2 hours ago.
  • When a signal was generated, the cryptocurrency price was $38,556.
  • Now the cryptocurrency price is $39,144, which is a +1.5% price increase or 54% of the signal’s progress.

The performance indicator shows the signal’s current progress.

- By clicking on the arrow, you can backtest previous signals on a given cryptocurrency.

- By clicking on the bell icon, you will see a popup window to enable notifications on trading signals.

- notification enabled

BuySell - clicking on the button, you will see the list of popular cryptocurrency exchanges where you can start trading right away.

Closed Signal

«Successfully closed» status is assigned to a signal when a target price has been achieved.

Successfully closed

If the algorithms identify that the market trend is changing (the market is “turning against the signal”), and the target price has not been achieved, “Closed” status is assigned to the signal.


To receive signal information quickly and efficiently, you need to enable notifications.

To enable notifications on the underlying cryptocurrency, you need to click on the bell icon.

A corresponding cryptocurrency will be selected automatically.

You can adjust the notification delivery channel right away.

After clicking on the «Save» button, the platform will start notifying you about any changes to the signal. You can fine tune your settings in your personal account.